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When you click SAVE under the product descriptions, the item in question will be saved in your wishlist, outside of your basket. In this way you can always find your way back to models kits and other items, and then buy them on some later occasion. On /images/plus_minus.gif you increase or decrease the number of a given item you wish to purchase, on X you remove the item from your wishlist and on BUY you move the item to your basket, when you are ready to place your order.

Notice, that if you are not logged into your account with Stoppel Hobby, then your wishlist will only be saved locally on the computer your are sitting in front of right this moment - rather than that you can retrieve your wishlist from any computer on some later occasion.

If you log on after you have added items to your wishlist, then the system automatically adds your local wishlist to your existing wishlist with Stoppel Hobby.

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